Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tulip Time

Every year during the first full week of May, Tulip Time is held in Holland, Michigan. Mom & Dad came for Grandparent's Day yesterday, so today, we went to Holland with Maria & Bridget to check it out. We took the "Klompen" carriage. When we saw someone taking a picture of Mom & Dad's license plate, it felt like we were the parade marshalls, or something.


The tulips were at their peak!
mariabridget 022

We walked around and saw the dancers, booths, costumes, singers, etc. Dad said he was a little homesick.
mariabridget 028
Dad is originally from the Netherlands. The girls are 75% Dutch. Even though Mom is not Dutch, she realized she could pronounce the Dutch words better than the announcer.

mariabridget 057
The dancers line the streets in downtown Holland. There are over 1000 dancers total and they have been practicing since January!

mariabridget 006
Some of the dancers posed with Mom & Dad.

mariabridget 030 mariabridget 032
We stopped to eat.

mariabridget 062-2 And watched more dances.

mariabridget 046
The tulips were outstanding.

mariabridget 064
At the end, the girls were tuckered out by Tulip Time


Anonymous said...

Hi, Julia---This is Sharon from Willard. My oldest daughter, Linda, lived in Holland for several years; moved to CA in July 2005. I miss her AND I miss our visits to Holland! It's a great place, and I have those same dark pink tulips in your pics from the festival a few years ago!! Love 'em!
Take care.

Jewels said...

Hi Sharon- Glad you looked at the pictures here - these tulips don't last long!

California is a great place to visit, too!