Saturday, May 26, 2007

World Finals


om 004



We drove over to Michigan State University to see Maria's team perform in the World Finals. We all thought it was the best performance of their career, but we were disappointed in the scores. Tonight, we'll find out how they did overall.

11:46pm. John & I are back from the awards ceremony. They finished 9th out of 64 teams in their division. There were over 800 teams in the auditorium - from 12 countries and 31 states and it was a big bowl of people stew there all right.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on 9th out of 64 teams. Not too bad and something to be proud of!

Jewels said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It really was something to see - the performances at this level from around the world were outstanding! Just to make it there is a huge accomplishment and Michigan was just a small sliver of the people stew pie :)

pearlie said...

Yes, congratulations! 9th out of 64 is good.

pearlie said...

It is actually 9th best in the world - in the top ten!