Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fishing and Fun

trip 038
John & Will & Tom like to go surf fishing every day. It makes the beach scene more exciting for them (as if we aren't enough, right?) Here is the catch for the week so far...
trip 037
One Speckled Trout

trip 017
Pool volleyball is fun because it isn't so painful on the joints. We are all getting older. For instance, when we 4 sisters were getting out of the tub the other day, we all made a sound which maybe doesn't sound quite as bad as making a "groan."

trip 035
These 3 little cousins look forward to this vacation every year. Ok, they are maybe the littlest, but they are starting to get bigger than me.


pearlie said...

It took me awhile to check you out and you are having such a gala of a time. Keep it up!

Jewels said...

Thanks Pearlie, We are having a good week!