Monday, June 04, 2007

Guest Blogger Day

Today, we welcome Bridget to the Blog to fill in for me while I am dying of a brain tumor. Bridgie says that's too dramatic. Ok, I just have a headache and it's hard to think straight.

Bridget went to the zoo today with her 6th grade class.
math 007 math 003
They thought the teachers said they were riding in a zoo.

math 004 math 005
Bridget's group posed for some photos. There are actually 70 kids in her class!

math 006
zebra peacock
And so, Bridget took these pictures of the animals.


Annette Selden said...

What would we ever do without our children? Not only are they our heritage from the Lord, they can pinch hit as guest bloggers. Feel better, Julia!

pearlie said...

Hope you feel better already :)

Jewels said...

Thanks Annette & Pearlie,
It's morning now and I feel fine!

jessica said...

i remember this!