Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here's a Grody Thing

So my lovely children and I were around the house today when we were entertained by a mighty clunk. Alas, as Edward was eating his hot dogs at the table inside, a bird had flown toward him but was stopped by the sliding glass door. (Must be pretty clean?) So the bird flopped on to the deck, dead as a doorknob. I told Edward to get a shovel and scoop it in to the woods.

But I'm eating hot dogs. (Hot dog in mouth, Bird in hand, ick)
But you're a boy.
Okay. Bridget, you like dead stuff, you do it.
Mom, Im a girl.
Let's get Leo. He'll eat it. He'll eat anything. Leo!

2007 06 13 008
Looking Smug with His Dead Bird


bridget said...

I do not like dead stuff!!!!!!

Annette Selden said...

Do you think Leo might have been in our neighborhood last Sunday? We found half a dead little baby bunny on our sidewalk--clearly the murderous act of a cat! And Prince H. rescued us from that (good thing he came over Sunday night).

Jewels said...

I thought you had a neighborhood cat named after Prince Harry and I thought, how clever, but then I remembered the true prince in your life...

Bridgie - you're silly.

pearlie said...

Poor birdie. You know the weird "connection" both of us have? On Monday, when we were driving to Port Dickson where the training was to be held, a bird flew right smack onto the windscreen on my side. I thank God the windscreen held up.

I am curious now, who finally got rid of the bird? Don't tell me it's the super-mommy.

Jewels said...

I think Leo did. I haven't seen it around.