Thursday, June 14, 2007

Isn't He So Cute?

2007 06 13 002
Would you like fries with that blog post?

Seriously. When I was in high school and had to spend my summers working on the muck farm, I remember thinking what a cool job it would be to work at McDonald's because it didn't seem so dirty. It seemed like a "shiny" job to me. Now, of course, I became older, and I know that even though it's not as dirty as the muck, it's not going to be squeaky clean either. (I had to drop off Ed's social security card to him there and almost died from some smell when I walked to the back.) My wise friend Sharon pointed out to me the really shiny part of this job though when she said, "All kids should get customer service experience." This is a good point. I definitely think those integrals and derivatives that Edward is destined to serve up some day will go down a lot smoother with an order of fries and a Diet Coke.


Anonymous said...

You are so much like Oma Boyer. She was so matter of fact - get it done. I laugh daily reading your blog knowing your grandmother and mother and seeing your traits which I identify as inherited. You are the product of a great legacy. Donna Myers

Jewels said...

Hi Donna,

I guess you are right! I never realized it was an inherited trait. I always go along with what my Irish Catholic friend Sharon says, "It is what it is."