Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some Good Things

I'm a bit sad that the school year is over, but the kids are happy and content to be home. They're actually reading books. Well, Edward is solving problems, but that's good, too. He starts his job at McDonald's later this week. Here are some more good things:

flower 017
Bridget safe at home!

flower 013
Free Hugs and Plaid Shorts

flower 009
Air Kisses from Maria

flower 007 flower 004
Flowers that remind me of white lace and bunnies in the front yard

flower 022
Breyers Mint Chip: I could eat it forever!


Gracie said...

okay. in the category of really good things, Breyer's vanilla bean is one of the best! Enjoy the time with your kids cuz it goes soooo fast. (It did for me as a kid that is!)

Jewels said...

Another Breyer's girl!

Sister Paula said...

Nice table Julia! How fun would it be to have some tea and conversation there? We hope to make it up this summer!

Jewels said...

Paula- Yes, it would be fun! Hope it's not too hot.