Sunday, July 01, 2007

Acting Out Your Prayers

Today in church, Pastor Amy told us about this cool exercise she wanted us to try. After a prayer request was made, she asked for people to act it out. For instance, this is how it worked: After I suggested that we pray for a friend who was very nervous about her hip surgery, Amy asked for volunteers to play the person with the bad hip, her friend, the doctors, and 3 people to play God. These 3 got to wear white silk scarves to set them off and show His special presence. These volunteers all turned out to be very good actors showing how God was there around the friend, the surgeons, and the woman who played the person with the bad hip - she eventually walked out the back door into the sunshine with her hands spread high. And the actual lady with the bad hip was watching with tears streaming down her face. It was cool.

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