Sunday, July 15, 2007

Adventures on the High Seas

Yesterday, John & I & our 4 teens set sail on Muskegon Lake with John's Mom & her husband, Geof, hereafter called the Sailors. Blue sky, white puffy clouds, brisk air all contributed to making a perfect day for boating. We headed toward Lake Michigan on the channel but were greeted by huge swells, so we turned around, content to sail on Muskegon Lake. We had been filling up on cheese nips to combat potential sea sickness and we were all cheese-nip-jolly. If you have ever been sailing, you know about the pleasure of that second when the motor is shut off and you are suddenly moving only with the silence of the wind in the billowing sails. We commented on the perfection of the day.

sailing 011
sailing 014sailing 007
Sailing with the Jackie O's

We sailed for a long time and then began sailing back into the wind. The Sailors decided since it was past supper time, we should start motoring back. I was just sitting there ignorantly in front of the controls when the motor died. It wouldn't start up, so the Sailors were faced with maneuvering their boat into the marina with wind power, John out in front with a boat hook, and Edward's long legs out the side to kick off any boats we might be floating into.

As we approached the Marina though, we saw the Boat Sheriff. John's mom started tooting the air horn and we all waved to attract his attention. The sheriff first made us all put on life jackets which caused John's mother great fits of laughter as she observed John in his hastily-clad child-sized preserver. Alejandra was trying to ask me why we had to wear them and I was trying to communicate to her that it was really no big deal but it was more of a precaution.

sailing 024

The good news is we were able to safely dock and eat supper with prayers of thanks for God's protection. Today, we saw the Sailors after church when we met to return Geof's wallet which we accidentally brought home in all the confusion. The problem with the boat seems to be a dirty air filter which they can replace before they leave on their next sailing adventure.


Elizabeth said...

A crisis on the water keeps one humble doesn't it?

pearlie said...

Good that you are all safe and sound :) and welcome back! Again, great pictures.

Jewels said...

Thanks, I told Geof afterward I knew he would be able to bring us in safely, but maybe this was partly due to my ignorance.

Annette Selden said...

An adventure on the high seas! Your life is so exciting, Julia!

Jewels said...

At least I can make it sound that way, Annette.