Monday, July 02, 2007

World Peace: Ice Cream and No Blood

beach 030

I was thinking yesterday that maybe the answer to world peace is if we all could go to the beach every day and get ice cream on the way home because our American girls and our friend from Spain loved to do just this very thing. To see the sunshine, feel the water, taste the sweetness, smell the sand, and hear the waves was a common thread to us all. We are blessed to have Lake Michigan so near, and Alejandra has had similar experiences on the Mediterranean Sea.

We went to Lake Michigan for a few hours yesterday afternoon and we left feeling very content with the day. We loaded up the van with our chairs and towels and anticipation of our visit to Captain Sundae on the way home. I was trying to slip the last towel in the back when John accidentally slammed the lift gate on my head! I thought for sure there was going to be blood gushing down my face, but no, I was just in a daze and soon felt a goose egg develop on the front of my skull. Relax, I can still blog.

beach 036 beach 035

beach 034 beach 033


Annette Selden said...

Sounds like a fun day--we haven't made it to the beach yet. Maybe John knocked that troublesome recurring brain tumor out :)!

pearlie said...

No wonder I was screaming in my sleep over here! Both for ice-cream and the bumped head!!!

Jewels said...

Annette - I think it came loose a little.

Pearlie - Seriously?

pearlie said...

haha ... jk ;) but you'll never know eh!!