Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Cable Guy

My life is like a Jim Carey movie sometimes. Our internet connection, as I have mentioned before, has been like rain in a desert. When it would suddenly start to work, people from all over the house would rush over to sap whatever refreshment they could get out of it, but it never lasted for very long. Finally, the day arrived for the cable guy to come, today. You know how those service people operate, "We'll be there between 2pm and 5pm, ma'am."

I went for a walk after work and came home by 1:59 pm. The cable guy finally showed up at 8:45 pm. He installed a new modem after the lady on the phone told John, "It's not going to be your modem." I better not say too much, or they just might cut me off for good.

It does seem to be working fine for now at least.


pearlie said...

I am quite ok with Jim Carrey but I absolutely hated "The Cable Guy".

I thought you had your internet problems settled?

Jewels said...

They are now thanks to the Cable Guy.