Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Long Wet Goodbye

This Sunday, John & the girls have to bring Alejandra to Chicago O'Hare Airport so she can fly home to Spain. (I should stay here for the Riverfest at our church Sunday.) So we are having our last weekend with her. Friday evening, we had her new favorite "American" supper, Chicken Kiev, and afterwards, we tried out the water apparatus that we had to rent for Sunday - it's called the "Flusher." When you hit the round red target with the ball, 2 gallons of water fall on the victim's head. We got this instead of a dunk tank - it's much easier to set up and more fun.
today 005 today 006
Edward winds up, hits the target, and down comes the water on dear sweet Bridget.

today 009 today 010
Alejandra, always game, gets soaked too.

We all took a turn and then went out for ice cream, so it was like our own mini river fest.

Oh, it's a long wet goodbye because this afternoon, Bridget is bringing Alejandra to a pool party, and this evening, Maria is bringing her to another pool party. In other words, don't pack your bathing suit yet, Alejandra.


Bob said...

Sounds like you guys really showed Alejandra a good time! What a neat connection!

Hope the "Flusher" was a hit at Riverfest!

pearlie said...

Fun! I have seen the dunk and I think this is much safer.

Jewels said...

The Flusher was a hit - way better than a dunk tank.