Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Summer Eve in the USA


Tonight, Edward, Maria & Bridget are teaching their friend from Spain about American baseball, or in truth, Wiffleball. They have taken her to a couple of the minor league games of the West Michigan Whitecaps, and she has loved these, so now they are playing for real and are having a "ball." This brings back memories of when "Eddie" and the neighbor boy, "Teddy" (for real) would play baseball for hours upon hours in the backyard, and now, since Edward is going to be a senior, I am thinking this won't be happening much more, so I better go watch them. I'm going to go sit on the deck with a glass of water now.


Alan said...

Is that a composite photo or a crop? I think I see the join.

Jewels said...

It's a composite. You probably do see the join, I wasn't very careful.