Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Edward's Last First

Edward, 2007

So this morning I took Edward's last first day of school picture that I will be able to take of him at home. Next year, I'll have to have his college roommate take it like my friend Sharon has her son do. Not to get all weepy and sentimental on you, but here comes his first first day of school picture. He's still pretty much the same happy kid 12 years later.

Edward, 1st day of kindergarten, 1995


pearlie said...

We don't have the culture of taking first day's picture but I think that is a really good thing to do. I wonder if I can successful start doing it here.

Jewels said...

Go for it, Pearlie!

Bob said...

Seems like the "last first" could be almost as difficult as the "first first". Great...now I've got another thing to get prematurely sentimental about! Aren't you glad you've got those pictures, though?