Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Me & Mr. Teddy

Summer, 2007 010 Summer, 2007 009
Summer, 2007 008

When we were at Camp Conger a few weeks ago for the family reunion, HRH the Queen Mother had me pose with these new additions to camp. A local sculptor donated some time to the camp and carved these bears in an old fallen log. I'm thinking they will make quite an impression on the kids who come to camp there.


Anonymous said...


I want a bear carved in one of my logs on our woods up north! Maybe Gord could give it a try.


Jewels said...

Skip, I want to see it if he does.

Bob said...

Looking good, Jewels! Camp Conger just has it all, doesn't it?!

pearlie said...

Now, who is this 17-year old girl? Your daughter? You never told me you got another 17-year old beauty? ;) ;)

Seriously, you look gorgeous.

Jewels said...

Bob - Hope you'll be there next year with your 4!

Pearlie - The sun glasses hide a lot!

pearlie said...

You are too modest!! haha
I know I have been away too long from this blog ... what with no internet at home :( we are still out.