Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Never Ending Benefits of Caffeine

When I hear of a new perk about caffeine, I'm quick to latch on so I have yet one more excuse to drink coffee. In the past, I have endured numerous caffeine withdrawals for various reasons such as pregnancy or acid reflux. But the other day, Carol came into the office and gave me the best excuse so far - women who drink caffeine hold on to their memories longer! I gave her a "high 5"! It must be true - I think of the old ladies I know who had good memories and one thing is for sure - they were remembering to drink their coffee.

So here is one more fountain-of-youth-type benefit: The other day, I was at the store with the girls and I mentioned how I needed some new foundation. We went over to the make-up area and found something called "Age-Rewind." I thought it sounded hopeful. The girls thought it sounded fun. One of its ingredients is caffeine! It sounded good to me so I'm trying it. We'll see.


Alan said...

Caffeine is certainly my drug of choice....I have a nice espresso maker.

Jewels said...

I'm coming to New Hampshire!!!

pearlie said...

Yeah ... I heard that too :)