Monday, August 20, 2007

Take 1

School starts one week from today!!! I really have to get going on Edward's senior pictures, but today is rainy and cold, and true to Michigan summer, later this week, it's supposed to be 90 degrees. Anyway, we did go downtown and took some last week. I converted this to B&W and I don't know which I like better:
ed7 edbw7
I thought the water had a cool effect in this one:
As you can see in the next one, the seat belt wrinkled his shirt. Next time, he'll put it on when we get there. Live and learn.


Donna said...

Hi Jewels;
The black and white photo is not cluttered with colors and the emphasis is on your Special Ed. That is my vote.
P.S. Ed has a very strong resemblence of you. He is a handsome young man!

Jewels said...

Thanks Donna, I think I like that one the best too. Of course, I have a feeling I'm just getting started :)

Marianna said...

The black and white is pretty good! I'll be anxious to see what else you come up with.

Jewels said...

Thanks Mar, it was a bit drizzly but it was a good start.

Elizabeth said...

The black & white one is by far my favorite. It looks the most professional.

Jewels said...

Thanks for your vote, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
The black and white or the colored one........what a hunk! Very handsome guy. You and John are doing a wonderful job with your three.
Jodi :))

Jodi said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be "anonymous"
Jodi :)

Jewels said...

Thanks Jodi, we were blessed with 3 great kids!

pearlie said...

I know I am late on this one but if I can still vote, it will be the first one and in colour. Again, great shots, and of course the subject play an important part too!