Thursday, September 27, 2007


Cousin Henry

One of the highlights of going to the Netherlands is seeing cousin Hendrik Jan Zijl, aka Henry. We so appreciate his enthusiasm and expression! When we arrive in Bedum, he comes immediately to the hotel to see us. One of his most memorable expressions is "Fantastic" but he says it like this: "Fon-TAHS-teek". One time he said to me when we were talking about what there is to do in Ohio, "Well, they have the Aim-ish." It was so cute.

netherlands 122-1 netherlands 121-1

Henry hangs with us much of the time and it is so fun. He knows the roads of Holland like the back of his hand.

netherlands 182-1
Waiting for John at the train station with Henry

netherlands 185-1
Henry saying something profound.

netherlands 530-1
Henry visiting at John's cousin Dirk's house with us

henry diner
Henry at a Diner in Bedum with John & I waiting for croquettes.


Marianna said...

What a great tribute to Henry! "I think I love you all!"

Jewels said...

That's what he's saying in the 5th picture, Mar.

Donna said...

We had a cancelled flight several years ago and were overnight at Schipol hotel. That evening when we went to dinner we sat in the restaurant and said doesn't he or she look like and we would mention someone from Celeryville. Think about Hendrik and Steve Cok if Henry had dark hair. Steve may be gray as I haven't seen him lately.

I am just enjoying your great photos!

Jewels said...

Hi Donna,
Very true. We walk around and everyone looks like someone in Grand Rapids which has a very Dutch population. When I was at the family reunion, I was amazed at how my cousins looked like my friends here in GR!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic trip you had!
Thanks for sharing it with me!
Your pictures are marvelous.

Jewels said...

Thanks Ruth, It was so great to see everyone & everything there! Thanks for visiting.

Alan said...

Nice bokeh!

Jewels said...

Thanks Uncle Al - I love this picture of Henry!

pearlie said...

Looking at all these pictures, I have nothing to say but WOW :) :)
You certainly made we wish I was there!

And I am sure I will like Henry ;)

Jewels said...

Pearlie -

Thanks. Yes, you would like him, he is a kindred spirit!