Sunday, September 30, 2007

Old Churches in the Old Country

netherlands 550-1

We were always told the story of how Oma was afraid the church in Bedum was going to fall over on her when she went past, so she would run by it on the way to school. You can see how it leans in the picture below. Someone told me it has the same tilt as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

netherlands 418

netherlands 421
I thought it was interesting to see the repair that has been done to the windows and the cat that was snooping around.

martini torren
While John was running the marathon in the city of Groningen, I was able to get this quiet shot of the Martinitoren.

monastery netherlands 614
Later in the week, we ate lunch next to a monastery in Ter Apel which dates back to 1465.

netherlands 611
Marianna, Paula & Mom felt the urge to play "Doe, A Deer" like the Von Trapps, (also with my urging.)

netherlands 714
At the end of the week, we saw the English Reformed Church in Amsterdam located in the Begijnhof and established in 1607. The pilgrims worshipped here before they came to America, and we also did in 2003.


Annette Selden said...

I love church pictures, and the English church especially is cool!

Jewels said...

Annette- Yes, they are so beautiful. I wish I could have taken more pictures of them.

Sister Paula said...

We're such troopers arent's we? Finding silliness even while visiting a monestary. You'd think we were 11 year olds. I wonder if anyone else in the church's previous 100's of years ever posed like that. Probably not. I'm glad a monk didn't catch us. Ha Ha!

Jewels said...

Paula- I think the monks would love it!

pearlie said...

Love the pillar pictures.
And I think Bedum is a photographer's dream come true :)