Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tea With the Queen Mother

netherlands 103
As I mentioned before, we stopped by the palace of Het Loo on our way up to Bedum. We walked around the beautiful gardens and went inside. Photos, however, are not allowed inside the palace. I learned that my namesake, Princess Juliana, had a daughter Maria Christina just like me, so I felt at home.
het loo merge
I slapped together this quick and dirty panorama to give you an idea of the size.

netherlands 055-1netherlands 057
Marianna & Paula enjoyed the stables and the tack rooms.

netherlands 064 netherlands 066
The trees were outstanding. They even had an orange one for the House of Orange.

netherlands 090

This is just a piece of the gardens - you can see how well maintained they are. After an enjoyable lunch and tea with the Queen Mother, we headed up along the Smildevaart towards Bedum. We saw a boat named "Julia" and the significance of a Julia on the Smilde was not lost on us.
netherlands 108

We drove through the town of Smilde but because John was not yet with us, I didn't want to take a picture. I thought it would be sad, like Princess Di by the Taj Mahal. So I present herewith a picture taken in the town of Smilde with John & I in 2003 - our very own carved bushes!



Donna said...

Just keep those photos coming! The shots are simply awesome. You certainly have captured the most beautiful sites of your second home!

Jewels said...

Donna, I'm planning on it until my current life gets more picturesque than the Netherlands. Could be awhile.

Alan said...

Looks like my garden....

Great photos!

Jewels said...

Thanks Alan, Can't wait to see that garden.

Annette Selden said...

You definitely have a future in travelogues, Julia! Cool pictures!

Jewels said...

Annette, Hmmm, Are you mocking my blogging?