Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Whenever We Go to the Rijksmuseum

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"What a good day we spent in Amsterdam." - Vincent Van Gogh

I haven't told all there is to tell of our trip so far, but I'm going to skip ahead for this little thing that happened in Amsterdam toward the end of our time in the Netherlands.

So under Rembrandt skies, we were standing in line outside the Rijksmuseum, waiting to see the Night Watch , the Vermeers and other great Dutch paintings. John was passing out these chewy-fruity-yogurty Dutch mints like we had never tasted before, and he said, "Whenever I go to the Rijksmuseum, I have these." This just struck my funny bone. John often does that.

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John being funny in Amsterdam


Elizabeth said...

Julia you are awesome! You should have been a photo journalist!

Jewels said...

Isn't it fun?

Marianna said...

John certainly did make our trip fun. I can't wait for us all to get together again so we can laugh about all of those funny things, that are a little difficult to comprehend unless you were there. Remember the teeny-tiny bathrooms in that cute little cafe downtown Gronigen? We laughed 'til we cried that night back at the hotel.

Anonymous said...

I spent a little time surfing your pictures tonight. What a beautiful trip and yes, you are a photo journalist. You may have another career waiting around the corner. I laughed about the teeny-tiny bathrooms. After we toured Israel and Europe one summer I swore I was going to write a book on 101 different ways to flush a toilet. I would spend more time trying to figure out the flush in different places than I did taking pictures. Skip

Jewels said...

Mar- I must think of a way to blog about those bathrooms without getting too descriptive of our excrements.

Skip- Thanks for looking at the pictures! Yes, I agree- every time you go to the bathroom, it's a learning experience.

Jodi said...

Hi Julia, yes indeed I've been following your awesome Netherland trip blog. I was rendered speechless. :))

Heading to Ohio tomorrow (10/4) for weekend with Shelby HS girlfriends and then get to be with sister Elaine, niece Susie and see dear cousins (your mom THE Queen Mother one of them) and Aunt T. and Uncle B. Will resume your blog viewing again when I return to Calif.

Jewels said...

Have fun Jodi. Remember, they also have the Aimish there.