Thursday, October 04, 2007

Aaf & Gerhard, Stamppot & Vla

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Dad & Aaf

When we were in Bedum, we spent a few evenings with Aaf & Gerhard whom we consider shirt-tail relation. One evening, they had us over for a very authentic Dutch supper of stamppot, which means stamped, or mashed, pot. (Mom made this for us when we were growing up and my kids sometimes request it.) Aaf made a wonderful mustard gravy to go with it. We bought some of the seasoning to make it at the grocery store before we left, so now I am looking forward to making it again when our weather cools off. These are the types she made for us:

Boerenkoolstamppot, kale mixed with potatoes, served with gravy, mustard and rookworst

Zuurkoolstamppot, sauerkraut mashed with potatoes. Served with fried bacon or a sausage. Sometimes curry powder, raisins or slices of pineapple are used to give a stamppot an exotic touch

We had something interesting also for dessert called Vla which is a thick milk pudding. Our wonderful hostess let us choose from chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla out of the carton! Such excitement!

Gerhard works in the Gemeentehuis for the city of Bedum. He gave Dad, John & Will a tour of their beautiful offices before we left. We also had a good time talking with their son, Geertjan who is studying international business and Josine, their daughter who is studying to be a doctor. I loved her accent!

"Hear ye, Hear Ye, Beda-Bodda-Bedum"

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A lot of Blonde - Mar, Paula, Jewels & Josine


aaf said...

Hi Julia,
Funny to see and to read your experience in Bedum.The difference in culture:bikes,american girls wearing dutch boots,dutch gastronomy. Your enthousiasme about the hotspot makes me a little shy! Did you ever made the raw endive mash with bacon? Favorite meal of Geertjan and Josine!
We all enjoy your blog very much!!
greetings aaf

Jewels said...

Thanks Aaf,

It's so great to hear from you! I never made it with endive before, but I should try it. Your comment remind me I wanted to post the picture with Josine, so I will go add that now to this post. Tot ziens!

Alan said...

Julia, If you ever write down the recipies, please send them to me. Thanks. Uncle Al

Jewels said...

I will soon hopefully!