Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dam Square

We headed up the narrow Dam Straat toward Dam Square (That's pronounced "Dom" for the American readers) looking in some stores along the way.
dam st

Dam Square is always filled with people and pigeons and street performers, and a trolley runs right through it - it is a very exciting place to be. On one end stands the National Monument, which is in memory of those who died in WWII, and at the other end is a royal palace which you can see behind the orange street performer below.
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netherlands 716-1
In 2003 we stayed at the Krasnapolsky which is on the Square. This time, we ate at a restaurant next door and had a very festive time in there keeping dry and discovering what fun things we ordered.
netherlands 685-1

When we left, the rain had stopped, so Paula burst into a musical on the steps of that restaurant on Dam Square.
netherlands 688-1

We walked down to the Rijksmuseum after lunch which I blogged about a little before. I could have stayed there for days, but time only allowed us a couple of hours. We saw the Night Watch by Rembrandt and The Little Street, Woman Reading a Letter and The Love Letter by Vermeer. I think they said The Kitchen Maid was out on loan.


pearlie said...

I see there is this Chinese shop in the street :) I can't read Chinese but I got so curious I took some time to try to figure it out - I think that is a restaurant. If I am not mistaken it should read Hai Cheng Da Jiu Lou - literally Sea Town Big Beer Building (combine 2 words, beer and building = restaurant), I think - coz I may be wrong!

Jewels said...

Pearlie- The Chinese restaurant we ate at in Heerenveen was called Lotus - did you ever hear of that? They had excellent food!

You're probably right about the big beer building in a sea town. They are by the sea and they love their beer!

pearlie said...

Nope, have not been to any Chinese Lotus restaurants. The Lotuses here are Indian fare.

I now realise what Hai Cheng means :) Cheng I think also means "walls", thus sea walls = Netherlands!

Jewels said...

Very clever Pearlie!

pearlie said...

Thank you thank you thank you ... I thanked my mother, my father, my brother, my ...

pearlie said...

thank! Pearlie, thank!

Jewels said...

You are too funny, Pearlie! :)