Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Griswolds Do Amsterdam

We got up early on our last full day in the Netherlands to spend the day in Amsterdam. Though it was raining, our spirits were not dampened. Did you ever wonder how many Americans it takes to buy a Dutch train ticket?

netherlands 633
Well, the 7 of us finally figured it out, so we were soon on our way to the big city.

train ride

Since it was raining, we decided to see the city first of all by a canal boat. You can take a canal cruise right from a place near Central Station.

netherlands 640

You can see below, we got all gezelligheid aboard the 1-1/2 hour cruise - settling in with the waters they gave us. Our Captain & Tour Guide were both real characters.
netherlands 650 netherlands 651

This turned out to be a great way to see the city on a rainy day. Whenever I opened the window to take pictures though, the lady behind me reached behind her to shut my window. Oy. I didn't take as many as I wanted to, but below are a few. We saw many house boats along the canal.

netherlands 660 netherlands 661

And this is the part of the cruise where you supposedly can see 7 bridges - maybe on a clear day.
netherlands 672-1

I didn't get many chances thus far in the week to take pictures of windmills - can you believe it? In desparation, I took this one of the biggest, and I think oldest, windmill in Amsterdam from behind the rain drop-smeared window.
netherlands 659-1

The canal houses are such an interesting part of the architecture in Amsterdam. When they were built, they had to pay taxes based on how wide their houses were, so they learned to build up. To get their furniture in the house, most of the houses protrude out with a pulley at the top to pull their furniture in on a rope.
netherlands 674

When our tour was over, we began walking the streets and Paula & Mar posed in their Bedum Boots. The picture below came out a bit blurry in the low light so I used a filter and entitled it Amsterdam on a Rainy Day.
netherlands 678-1
Amsterdam on a Rainy Day, 2007


Annette Selden said...

Congratulations, Julia! You've done what I thought was not possible: made me want to visit the Netherlands. (Although a certain love interest of mine might have a little to do with it.)

bridget said...

Hi mom!
Great pictures! The one of Aunt Mar and Aunt Paula under the umbrella remind me of a dutch song that we sang in third grade with Mrs Geldof. It was about two little girls under an umbrella. I probably wouldnt be able to remember the whole song because its all in dutch!

Jewels said...

Annette- I hope you get to go some day!

Bridgie- Wasn't Mrs. Geldhof fun?

bridget said...