Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Land of Bikes

Bike riding truly is a way of life in the Netherlands. Everywhere you look - bikes, bike paths, people on bikes - and you better look, or you'll get run over.

netherlands 200-1
Most of the bikes are very basic: maybe a few speeds, regular seats & handlebars.

netherlands 322
I love to see the older people and ladies in skirts riding along like there's nothing to it.

netherlands 410 netherlands 409
netherlands 412 netherbike
Out of the window of our hotel room in Bedum, I saw hundreds of kids riding their bikes to school in the morning. Parents would bike alongside the younger children or have 1 or 2 bike seats on their own bike. Some even had a windshield for the kid up front.

netherlands 643-1
The train stations had huge parking garages for bikes. Above is in Amsterdam, below is in Groningen.

netherlands 357-1

Marianna & Paula could not resist! They needed to experience biking in Bedum, so they borrowed bikes from our cousins Siegard and Sandra. They loved it! They advised against me going because it would probably ruin my camera. I only rode around the parking lot of the flower shop, and yes, my camera flopped all around like a big dog.



Judith said...

Bikes are great in a flat country like Holland...or Ohio!

Jewels said...

Hi Judith, Welcome. Very true - easier on the knees in a flat country!