Friday, October 12, 2007

The Last Dutch Evening

After the Rijksmuseum, we did a little shopping and then ate supper at a cozy little place on one of the narrow streets in Amsterdam. Afterward, we enjoyed some of the sights at night. I have to add that I never enjoy being anywhere near the sad red light district. However, the lights reflected on the canals in the city were a beauty to behold:

netherlands 745-frame

The old historic buildings are lit up like ghosts at night.

netherlands 748-1

netherlands 751-1

netherlands 754

I LOVE this picture of Mar & Paula doing Amsterdam hard core. It makes me laugh every time because I don't remember it really being like that at all.

netherlands 727-1

But this is probably my favorite picture, maybe even of the whole trip. I think I had a dream like this a long time ago.

netherlands 733-1frame

Soon, we got back on the train and headed for the hotel to rest for the big journey home. Our colorful trip was over.

netherlands 755-1bw

So that concludes the story of our Netherlands 07 adventure. I noticed in my pictures there are still little things to tell, so I think I'll institute a new feature in the blog called "Netherlands Nuesday" which will run on Tuesdays. It was either that or "Holland Haturday".


Elizabeth said...

Dearest Julia, thank you so much for sharing your awesome pictures! You helped make it a memorable trip and we have gotten a lot of laughs from your blog! You are awesome!

Jewels said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It was so much fun to be able to show my pictures Thanks for all the happy memories, too.

pearlie said...

And i like the concept of colour-no colour :)

Jewels said...

Thanks Pearlie!

Sister Paula said...

Nice yob Yulia! I actually had a dream last week that I was sitting with Oma on her bed telling her all about our trip. She was thrilled. Too bad I didn't have these pictures to show her.

Jewels said...

Funny Paula, Maybe Oma read my blog.