Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Trees to Hug

It seems the theme of trees is running through my weekend. John & I came across a great tree sale so we got 4 Maple trees, 2 Pear trees and 2 Azalia bushes for our yard.

trees 004
John with the first of 8 holes he had to dig

Sunday morning in church, Pastor Amy talked about 3 trees - the one in their backyard that their neighbor cut down stirring up feelings of revenge, the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, and tree where Jesus died - His way to counter revenge. Then, this afternoon, Edward & Maria were carrying on an animated discussion about a piece they are doing in Orchestra called "The Creaking Tree." You should hear the sounds the violins make! Maybe I shouldn't wish that on you. Supposedly, the cellos make quite a sound too but Edward hasn't played it for me yet. Good thing trees are mostly pretty quiet.


Elizabeth said...

Dearest Julianna,
Dad wants to know if John is trying to make your place look like Oranjewoud?

Jewels said...

We were actually thinking Het Loo.