Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Netherlands Nuesday 3

Today we have a very special Netherlands Nuesday complete with a video clip of a man in Bedum biking with his dog along the Boterdiep.

As I've said before, they are serious about their biking. Here is a still shot for you that I remember being very excited about when I tried to get the picture.
netherlands 368-1bw
He is definitely riding off the photograph.


Elizabeth said...

Do you think I could get Beatrix to do this?

Anonymous said...

How did you get that video? Skip

Anooja said...
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Anooja said...

thats a very nicely taken picture
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We have a person from the US, working in our office.
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When u find time, pleases do go through it
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And is also very interesting
I guess this would give u an idea of India.
Take care and God Bless :-)

Jewels said...

Hi Elizabeth- Sure. But you would have to ride a bike.

Hi Skip- John took it out the car window. I took the picture as we rode by - very touristy, I know.

Hi Anooja-I'll check out your friend's blog, for sure. I would love to see pictures, and I also enjoyed hearing how you described life there in your blog.

Nick Meertens said...

This is a wonderful picture Jewels! I wish I had made it... :-) Nice to see your still posting pictures from The Netherlands. Best, Nick

Jewels said...

Thanks Nick. The Netherlands is such a great place to take pictures - you are lucky!