Monday, October 01, 2007

Another True Marian


Not realizing this would be a thick yogurty drink - very good, just not what she had in mind

This was Marianna's first trip to the Netherlands and she enjoyed every minute of it. Typically a homebody, she had a couple of moments where she wished she was home, but she sure was good at making our travelling van, known affectionately as "Slingerland" a home away from home. She was so good at passing out treats she had gotten from the grocery store and bakery! I'll never forget the leaf-shaped coffee flavoured chocolates or the salt and pepper crackers. I think the combination of being in a different time zone, the strong coffee, and driving wreaked havoc on my stomach and I so appreciated these things which I never seem to have the forethought to bring.

Marianna was named "Marianna Zijl" after her grandma and she comes by the name honestly in many ways. Cousin Henry called her "Marian" in the coolest accent.

Packing up to leave Bedum as cousin Reinder stops by


donna said...

I hope the photo "packing up to leave Bedum" is not the omen that this is the end of the photos from the trip to the Netherlands. I have so enjoyed your photographic documentation.

Marianna said...

Dear Julia,

Thank you for not putting one of those horrible pictures of me on your blog. What you did forget to mention, however, was what we learned from our dear cousins at the family reunion. And that is - that Oma was referred to as Queen Marion because her brothers jumped at her every beck and call. I feel as though I should inherit that title as well, seeing how the other traits I have inherited are not quite so treasured.

Jewels said...


I still have a bit to go!

Ok Mar - remember, you are the Queen of Sunbury! There is one pic of you I must post - the one at the restaurant by the monastery.

Jodi said...

Marianna is those eyes! That drink she's holding looks really good.

Julia, I'm enjoying all your wonderful pictures and good descriptions of them.

Jewels said...

Jodi- Thanks for popping on the comments - I wondered if you were around! The drink was very good - I had a taste!