Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spittin' Images

On the MyHeritage site you can submit a picture of a kid along with pictures of the parents to see who he/she looks more like. I did this during Thanksgiving vacation. First picture, Bridget tilts the scale toward her mother, me. I agree, she has pretty much always looked like me though I sometimes see a bit of John in her.

The next picture, Maria tilts the scale toward John. I'll go there as Maria is pretty much the splitting image of John's sister.

Now things get dicier. Edward, who has always been a male version of his mother, me, actually tilted the scale to John. It's ok, they're both male. Must be John's goatee that attracts the needle.

I tried new pictures of Edward & me and this must be more accurate.

I tried another one of BeeBop, and it went to John! What?

Now this next one is more like it. Maria looks equally like us both. I think that pictures capture different facets of the face at different moments in time and so can look like different facets of the parents face at any given time. That is my theory.


Annette Selden said...

This Look Alike meter is insane, Julia. Both Maria and Edward look like you, and Bridget looks more like John! Whatever . . . Now Katie and I are going to do it.

Jewels said...

Good to hear it Annette - I hope you post it!

pearlie said...

Haha .. Annette is right! I first need to get some good pictures to get this going but with the two boys less inclined to get their pictures captured, won't be easy. Maybe while they are sleeping! haha

Jewels said...

I'll be watching for it Pearlie!