Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Netherlands Nuesday 4: The Search for the Perfect Wheat Cracker

netherlands 019

I may have mentioned before how much fun it was to go in the grocery stores in The Netherlands. Marianna decided that her digestive system would be more functional if she continued with her steady daily diet of wheat crackers. In the US, she has settled on (I think she said) the Kroger brand of Wheat Thins as the Perfect Cracker and she eats them daily. It turned out to be not quite as easy as you would think to find a wheat thin-like cracker, but we managed to have some pretty good ones. The sea salt variety, though not high in wheat and fiber content, turned out to be a very tasty one in the van rides throughout the country. It was especially poignant when eating them while looking out the window when the sea is higher than you are.

Oh, by the way, since I have been home, I think I have discovered the Ultimate Wheat Cracker: It is the Kellogg's Multi-Grain All Bran Cracker. I like to blog with these.


Bridget said...

This kind of reminds me of aunt Mar's search for the ultimate container.

Jewels said...

You're right about that Bridgie. That Aunt Mar is always searching, isn't she?

bridget said...

now that i think about it she isalways searching for something.