Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Pre-Pre-B-day Party

This afternoon, I was able to soak in the warm fall colors of fall by hot tubbing with my friend Lori next to her Maple tree with bright red fall leaves. Usually, the leaves are gone by now, but it has been a warm fall. So now I will get to enjoy a warm colored birthday. Lori & I have marked grand occasions, her b-day, my b-day, New Year's eve, by having coffee in the hot tub in her back yard, and since I'm about to turn 45, we found it a good excuse to do it again.

She gave me these pictures she took last night of Bridget, her daughter Elise & friends in their costumes & with their candy haul.
hallowgirls hallowgirls2

Oh, and that ghost showed up again.


Alan said...

Double exposure - so how was it done in-(digital) camera? Or did you photoshop it?

Jewels said...

Hi Alan,

We did this last year - took 2 pictures on a tripod - one without him & one with him, then he changed the opacity of the picture with him in Fireworks. This could also be done in Photoshop Elements too but at the time we didn't have it so Ed did it in FW.

Anonymous said...

this is the tall fat one in the blue sweatshirt named jenna
IM GONNA SUE!!!!!!!!!

Jewels said...

Oh Jenna, You're cute.