Monday, December 03, 2007

Deck Them Halls and All That Stuff

tree 002

The title comes from Charlie Brown Christmas if you don't recognize it. I LOVE that show when it's on in the background. I LOVED it the other night when Lucy said, "You have to buy me a Christmas present Linus, it says so in the Bible," and I LOVED it when Linus recites Luke 2 on the stage, and I LOVED it when they sang Loo-loo-loo to the tune of Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.

We put up our tree this past weekend with all the assorted old ornaments that each have their own stories. The Messiah, as always, is playing in the background during this annual ritual. I said to the girls, "Someday, when you go college, you will come home and I'll have a designer tree like Grandma," and Maria replied in her sweet heart-child voice, "But I like Grandma's tree." Then I told her for sure then, she could come home and help me design it.

Our house is one of the few in the neighborhood lit up, so I wondered if something was going on that I didn't know about - John wrote a post about it.

christmas 068


Annette Selden said...

Charlie Brown Christmas is the best! I love the dancing scene, and I love it when all the characters fix Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. And when Lucy and Schroeder have the Jingle Bells scene. Linus reciting from Luke is excellent! Hopefully we can get our tree up this week--right now it's in the garage (long story).

Jewels said...

Annette- I'm impressed it's in your garage!

Annette Selden said...

It is now in the house with lights . . . We take the gradual approach to decorating!

Jewels said...

Nice Annette, you won't get sick of it that way!