Friday, December 21, 2007

Flash Back Friday 48

Edward, 1992, almost 3 years old

One day this past week, Edward found out it was the last day he could register to vote in the upcoming Michigan primary and since he'll be 18 on Christmas, he went with a friend over to the township clerk's office to register. I was amused when I saw how enthusiatic they were about it, but even more so when I realized I was now the biological mother of a registered voter! He loved the story about how I turned 18 the day before I voted for Ronald Reagan - that really makes me sound old.


Elizabeth said...

Did you tell Edward that the same woman who led you into the voting booth was the nurse who brought you to your mother after you were born? This could only happen in a small community like ours!

Jewels said...

Yes, he loves that part of the story! It always makes him laugh.