Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Neighborhood

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Yesterday, Bridget brought home the "Where's Waldo" project from school in which they had to show Waldo somewhere in the World they are studying. She threw herself in to this project being as enamoured and amazed by the size of the world as her bloggermom. She wanted to come up with a creative way to show the little person named Waldo somewhere in the world, and since the styrofoam globes at the craft store were a bit pricey($13 bucks%$&*^), she decided to use old Legos. A couple of weeks ago, I helped her study for the quiz, and together, we will always picture the little man in the center of the earth ironing his nickels when someone needs to know what the center of the world is made of and can then come up with a way to take a shortcut through to Malaysia, or India, or the Philippines to visit our friends in that part of the neighborhood.

P.S. It was PJ day at school.

Bridget, the most famous 7th grader in the world (to me)

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bridget said...

of course, i am the most famous 7th grader!