Saturday, December 22, 2007

Simple Saturday

Christmas in Celeryville, 1999, Edward, Maria & Bridget with cousins Hunter & Paige and Aunt Paula on the guitar

Today we are preparing for our visit to Celeryville for Christmas. Tonight, we will be with John's side of the family here in GR, and tomorrow after church, Maria will drive us south - unless the roads get too snowy. Then John will take over.


Bridget said...

wow we all look so different! i remember when Aunt Paula used to play for us and we would all sing along. we were not exactly the best singers though.

Annette Selden said...

Have a merry Christmas, Julia and family! You'll have to ask me about the amazing early Christmas gift I got from Henry last night :)!

Elizabeth said...

This is the poem that belongs with the picture:
"The Children's Voices"
The winter sun spilled across the room as she joyfully strummed away,
Melodious notes hung in the air,
For this was Christmas Day!

Little children sat around her feet,
With voices sweet and clear,
Tenderly singing, "Away In A Manger"
Surely the angels could hear!

The last cord sounded ever so softly,as the song now came to it's end,
The adoring little children quickly exclaimed,
"Oh please, let's sing it again!"