Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bridgie's First Exams

You have to say that kind of like you would sing her first day of school all long and drawn out with the emphasis on "first". She has been beside herself with excitement for exams this week, stopping only to watch the first American Idol of the year which also was cause for great excitement. They went well today. She said it was a "nice experience."

b study

Edward & Maria were sitting here yesterday studying for exams and Edward was flicking around a laminated paper. This went on for about 2 minutes till finally Maria cried out like Lucy Van Pelt, "Stop that! What is that and why is it laminated?!" Edward was happy to get her attention and told her it was a thing with stuff on it. Hasn't he learned a lot in school?


Gracie said...

Gotta love a kid who calls exams a "nice experience." Wow. Gr8 attitude!!

Jewels said...

Gracie- Yup, gotta love her!

pearlie said...

Nice experience? :)

What exams is this?
(i am seriously asking - what exams is she taking, since I am not familiar with the US system)

Jewels said...

She took exams at the semester end for 2 of her classes - history and science. It covered all of the material they had learned through the semester. Edward & Maria had them for all of their classes!

Jewels said...

I guess they just call them tests until you get to 7th grade - then they start using the work EXAM. It's all semantics. And now she is lke her big brother & sister.