Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dreaming of Warmer Days

wave paige allie bridget
Paige, Allie & Bridget riding the waves, 2007, OBX

Sometimes when it's very gray and cold around here (aka, January) it's nice to be able to see some pictures from the summer. We have been going to the OBX for vacation for 4 years now, and the first year, I could ride the waves for hours. Now I look at the picture and I think, "Ouch". The last couple years, the ocean has been a bit of an angry fellow the way she has spit us out onto the rough sand like Jonah.

Anyhoo, Edward beat me to the polls yesterday to vote in his first election. When I got there, I noticed his name & John's name crossed off and tried to make conversation with the poll workers who seemed like they would rather not be bothered. In a side note, the candidate that we, the 3 voting Smilde's voted for, did not win in Michigan. We'll try harder next time.


Anooja said...

The place where i stay now, Chennai, has very few cold we love the cold :)

aCey said...

that is a beautiful photo, julia. you really captured a beautiful moment. our photography teacher calls it decisive moment. haha...

i think you'll like our weather down here. maybe, just maybe. :)

Jewels said...

Hi Anooja- I think I would love the cold if I lived by you, too. I'm pretty hot blooded - 60s or 70s would be ideal.

Acey - Thank you!