Monday, January 14, 2008

Exam Week

The kids all have exams this week, so they will be getting ready for those. Edward is getting ready to vote in the Michigan Primary. He said if he voted when I was at work, he could act it out for me later so I could take his picture. These kids know me too well. Yesterday, it was difficult to get them to let me take their picture, but I was in the mood to photograph something. I caught Maria studying.

maria looking

Later on, Bridget suggested she make pancakes for supper. She told me I could even take her picture. What a girl!
bridget pancakes


Bridget said...

I'd have to say that those pancakes were extra good.

Elizabeth said...

Bridget, I'm looking forward to having some the next time we visit!

Bridget said...

Of course you are Grandma.