Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home


One of my goals for this year is to get this house whipped into shape. Part of this involves putting pictures up on the wall. The holiday yesterday gave us the perfect opportunity to work on this: John told me it doesn't take a rocket scientist (ie. him) to do it, but yet. I wanted his input. These photos which I took of Edward, Maria & Bridget(above) last summer are now above the computer so I can stare at them whilst I blog. I'm happy with them. It actually looks like someone lives here now.

The Queen Mother has hassled me :) for years about the Picasso we had up in our living room. It is from his Blue period and I have always liked it but she didn't think it was "pretty" enough for a living area. I am glad to say I will continue to like it in my bedroom where we have blue walls. We also put up a print from Cape Cod and other pictures. In all we hung 13 pictures so I guess we're here to stay now.

picasso tulips by queen mother

The sad little blue man was replaced by the tulips painted by HRH.


Elizabeth said...

So happy that horrible, little, blue, depressed old man is now in the BR. Can you take a picture of what now hangs in place in the LR?

Anooja said...

hii jewels.. all three pics look good.. r u a professional photograher- consider a question mark here-
ur photos r good
i didnt like the old blue man....

aCey said...

hi, julia!!! beautiful family! and beautiful painting! :)

Jewels said...

There you go Elizabeth!

Anooja- I'm not a professional - yet!

Thanks Acey - I liked it too!

Bridgetb said...

I think i like the blue man in your room better. I think it looks good with the blue walls. i haven't seen your room yet. i think i should check it out soon.

Jewels said...

Good idea Bridgetb, it's closer thn you think.

Annette Selden said...

The pictures of the kids are great, and I really think the tulips were a good change.

pearlie said...

A good resolution - wish I had the pictures to make that resolution! hehe

Yellow Blade said...

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