Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Truest Resolution

I never jumped on the MP3 player bandwagon before, but this Christmas, John gave one to me. So now I'm cool. I put all 10 of my Fernando Ortega cd's on it along with some others of a more classical genre. It has been fun to listen to old favorites on random play as they greet me like old friends. When this old gem of a song by Third Day came on, I just said "ahhhhhhh":

All the Heavens

As Your children gather in peace
All the angels sing in Heaven
In Your temple all that I seek
Is to glimpse Your holy presence
All the heavens COULD NOT hold You, Lord
How much less to dwell in me?
I can only make my one desire
Holding on to Thee.

All the angels exalt You on high
What a kingdom to depart!
But You left Your throne in the sky
Just to live inside my heart
I will always make my one desire
Holding on to Thee

One really awesome thing is when I put it on repeat now, no one gives me a hard time about it.


Marianna said...

Third Day is my all-time favorite! Thanks for sharing!

Annette Selden said...

You know I love Fernando, Julia, but I don't think "cool" and "Fernando" (especially 10 CDs) go in the same sentence. You're getting just a little closer with Third Day. . .

Jewels said...

Mar- Do you have this one?

Annette- I'm surprised at you!

pearlie said...

That will be a nice thing to have :)

Jewels said...

Pearlie- It's kind of fun but the ear buds bug me a bit. I should find something more comfortable.

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