Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowed In

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John said yesterday the only educational institution open in the area was Calvin College where he works. And so, the kids were happy to have another day off. It was icy, but I made it to work in the morning quicker than usual because of the lesser traffic. Edward was able to write lines and lines of computer code for who knows what, but I see a book sitting out here on Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes open to the chapter "Thinking Wrong about Infinity" which may have something to do with it. I should add that this is what he does for fun, like on a snow day.

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Maria was able to catch up on her rest and her computer relations since her very busy weekend. She has been napping every day after school this week since then.


Bridget, our people person, went to a movie with friends, one of whom had a dad that ventured out by truck to pick everyone up and take them. The other day, I was looking at Bridget and wondering why her hair looked so nice. I discovered that Maria had given her a new haircut since she wasn't totally pleased with the one she had gotten.


The roads weren't too bad in the morning, but later in the day, they became icier. I went to the store and bought this little book for work. You may recall, I work in the mornings at the Family Institute & for a marriage initiative, Healthy Marriages Grand Rapids. In a nutshell, we are all about promoting healthy relationships. Well, I was telling our executive director about this book I saw at the grocery store called, "The Idiot's Guide to Healthy Relationships" and he wanted to see it. I told him I'd pick it up next time I was in the store. So there I was, buying this idiot's guide in the store, and it wouldn't scan! The cashier gave me this knowing glance, stopping just short of yelling over the loudspeaker, "Price check on the Idiot's Guide to Healthy Relationships for the blond woman in the blue coat in aisle 5!" Man, I was glad to get out of there.


Annette Selden said...

Silly me! I just stayed at home and worked on my laptop. I don't think that book-buying experience ever would have occurred at you-know-where :).

acey said...

beautiful kids, julia.

and, wow, we don't have that sort of price check here. haha!

btw, interesting book.

pearlie said...

I love it when you give snippets of your kids day here in your blog. They are beautiful kids and special in their own ways. I think I will see a lot of Edward in Calvin. I CAN imagine Cal doing the same things :) though for now, he will scream if given another math problem. I need to find a way for him to enjoy his lessons and homework - any suggestions?

Oops about your Idiot's Guide book :)

pearlie said...

Hey - I tagged you!! here. It's gonna be fun!! ;)

Jewels said...

Aneette- They just need the book.

Acey- Thanks. We looked through the bood and it does have good stuff in it!

Pearlie- Thanks! I don't have any suggestions - it sounds like you are doing a good job!

pearlie said...

I certainly hope so.

Neway, bout the photo tag, don't worry about - it sounded like a good idea this morning. I don't think so anymore :) so I untagged you!

Jewels said...

btw, Pearlie - Edward was doing this programming for fun. He would rather not spend his spare time doing English literature, etc.