Friday, February 15, 2008

Flash Back Friday 56

Julia in Sunday coat
The Blogger, 1968

This past week Mom (aka the Queen Mother) sent me this picture along with the story of the beautiful emerald green coat which Oma Bouman bought for me with the black fuzzy hat and matching geen tights.

We went out shopping with Oma and went to lunch in a nice restaurant at O'Neill's Department Store. I was wearing the coat and looking very smart (see above) when I spilled a chocolate milkshake over the coat. (I don't remember this though I remember the story of it.) Mom remembers it vividly though as Oma was not too happy, while she calmly marched me in the bathroom to clean it all up. Fun times.


Annette Selden said...

Cute! I had a brown coat very similar to that one--but with a matching hat.

Dine With Donna said...

What I remember of Oma Bouman was that she was a woman with great taste and her daily appearance reflected just that! I am sure she delighted in dressing those darling granddaughters just as she would have dressed a daughter had one of the two boys been a girl! You looked so cute in that green coat and tights!

Jewels said...

Annette - Let's see some pix!

Donna - Very true about Oma.

pearlie said...

So cute! And depending on when you got this taken, I would have just born, or not :)

Jewels said...

Pearlie - See how much older I am!