Saturday, February 02, 2008

More Adventures at the Grocery Store

Awhile back, I bought some re-usable bags at the grocery store where I shop. My kids will roll their eyes when I say this, but I will anyway: They are Winners! I love my blue bags for many reasons, not least of which is cutting down on waste. They hold so, so much, they have long handles, and they are blue. Most of the cashiers love them and can pack them nice and tight. The guy I had yesterday though, packed one with only 3 cereal boxes. What was that all about? He finished up with those dreadful plastic bags while I was trying to pack them tighter and leave the plastic bags behind. They haven't caught on in a big way where I shop, but I wish they would.

So on my way out to the car, it was snowing so bad that my front foot slipped forward on the ice while my back leg with the bad knee had nowhere to go but bend inward leaving me to do the splits for the first time since I was 10 years old. All the way down, which lasted an eternity in my head, I was going, this is going to be a bad one. I lay there on the ground waiting for the sirens, but then I got up and wondered what it felt like if you step on a broken leg. It was fine after 2 steps. Some guy drove up behind me and asked if I was all right, and, with surprise in my voice, I told him it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

Where did you get this great bags? They sound like something I need.

Aunt Becky

Jewels said...

Aunt Becky- I got them at Meijer - do you have one near you? John thinks there are a couple.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Julianna,
Isn't it a horrible experience to fall? Your whole life goes before you and then you look around to see if anyone saw it happen! Tuesday night at painting class, I was leaning over my work and my chair (on wheels) started rolling out from under me. I thought, "I'm falling, I'm falling and there's nothing I can do about it! KABOOM!! I found myself on the floor and I had the attention of the whole class! Fortunately I wasn't hurt and my pride wasn't wounded at this stage in my life. On a lighter note, love the idea of the grocery bags! I want to get some! The only problem is, one has to remember to bring them to the store!

Jewels said...

That has been the greatest challenge - to remember to bring them. I've walked back out to the van a few times getting more exercise on the way!

Alan said...

We try to use the cloth bags as well.

Jewels said...

Alan- You live-free-or-die east coasters are usually way ahead of us!

Dine With Donna said...

Remember there are innovators, followers, and then there are laggards. The followers will join in with the blue bags! You are ahead of their time!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to get me some good cloth bags for the grocery store. We re-use most of plastic ones we get but not all. I've been thinking of how we can be more environmentally friendly and this is a small but effective way to do it.

I'm glad you weren't hurt! Those public spills are the worst. I've had my share unfortunately.

Jewels said...

Donna- I'm thinking the California people all use them already!

Beanish- At least the spill made for a good story. I notice I do have a bruise, but it doesn't hurt!

Anooja said...

Jwels the bags look nice and its a nice idea. In India, on of our biggest pollution is plastic bags.Just imagine our population, and one plastic bag per 50% of the population for a week.. too much
Here there are so many stores and so many plastic bags.
Good u didnt hurt urself
take care :)

Dine With Donna said...

San Francisco was firest to do with plastic bags. However last Friday Barbara and I went to the grocery store and received the plastic bags. They are probably allowing the inventory to be used. San Diego also is doing away with the plastic bags. I have the totes and yes I do get my exercise going back to get my bags. As they say, what you don't have in your head you have in your feet! Donna

Jewels said...

Anooja- I didn't know that about India. Good to hear from you.

Donna- I never heard that about your feet - it's a good saying!