Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yesterday, we left for a retreat with our dear friends from church. I didn't take pictures there, but Bridget did take a few on our afternoon cross-country ski trip.

Today's Guest Photographer

Maria seemed to thrive on cross country skiing leaving John & I in the dust...

...or snow as it turned out to be.

Soon, we all had the hang of it. I was feeling one with nature and hardly felt the skis anymore. It was a perfect, sunny afternoon for it, and I was so thankful for this time. Tomorrow, I am hoping to blog about a cool thing we did at the retreat.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the news. Wish we were there. Well, almost.


Jewels said...

Skip- Yes, this is way better than staring at blue sky and sunshine :)

acey said...

bridget is very pretty! and wow, that's a lot of snow, julia! :) your smiles are contaigeous!!!

Jewels said...

Acey - Thanks for the comment about Bridget. She couldn't believe I put that one on the blog. Glad you are back!