Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cleaning and Shopping and Keeping On


John has been out of town this week, first to Washington DC, then to Arizona, so I have been motivated to do some deep cleaning. I spent about 10 hours on the kitchen cupboards and last night, I organized the 2 junk drawers. Doesn't that sound fun? It was!

I did have a couple of birthday lunches with friends which felt like gifts to me as much as to them, you know? Deep in the recesses of my cupboards, I discovered some jam jars of my friend Lori on her birthday. So I took a cleaning break for a birthday lunch!

It turns out, my friend Cathy loves three-cheese Olga's as much as I do and we only ever eat them with our mothers. What's that all about? So we met at Olga's, and ended up shopping for a hot babe dress (for me) and pants and a bathing suit(for her). Those are the completely hardest things to shop for if you ask me, so it was a good feeling to have succeeded, and it was a plus to have had so much fun doing it. Another bonus: when I got home, Bridget approved of the dress! This is huge.

Note: I never knew I could have a hot babe dress, but I have been told since I am a hot babe, all of my dresses are hot babe dresses. Now that makes sense to me. :)


pearlie said...

Felt like it has been ages since I've visited :)

And Bravo! for the clean up you did.

I want to see you in the hot babe dress!!!

Jewels said...

Pearlie - See what happens to me when you are away? lol I actually got the dress for a benefit dinner thingy in 10 days, so it's for a good cause, not just to look like a hot babe. I'll try to get a good pic of me trying to be a hot babe then.

Sarah said...

Oh, now we NEED a picture. :)

Jewels said...

Sarah - One thing I can say, it will be bloggable. :)

Anooja said...

10 hours !!!!wow
any waiting for the photo :)

Jewels said...

Hi Anooja-10 hours went fast - I was into it! I hope you are doing well.