Saturday, March 08, 2008

Close to You

Last weekend when we went my mom & dad's house in Ohio for the wedding, we saw their new baby grand piano. I thought it was a bit unusual that they got this piano when neither of them really play that much, but even a novice like Maria made a beautiful sound from this instrument. Yes, that's me, swaying in the mirror, sorry.

Another video brought to you by Bridget.


Calvin said...

Hey I see 2 people dancing in the mirror, who are they?

Sarah said...

I have been playing the piano for only a month and a half, and already I am dreaming of a baby grand! That's absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't even mind dusting it!

Jewels said...

Hi Sarah - It is beautiful - and did you notice that it's a player piano? Maria wasn't playing at all! I'm sure you have great finger dexterity.