Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cousin's Wedding

Right before our very eyes, the younger generation is getting older, which means that I am too. We were witnesses to the marriage of my nephew Trey to a beautiful young Celeryville girl, Tara. My sister said, with tears in her eyes, I'm so lucky [to be getting such a winner of a daughter-in-law].

waiting for wedding
The cousins all waiting to see "Cousin" get married. Trey is the oldest cousin.

trey tara
Trey and Tara were ready for this day.

The best moment is always when the new husband and wife are announced and they begin their walk up the aisle.

Though I struggled a bit with the camera thing at the event, I managed this shot of their first dance.


Elizabeth said...

Dad says lets get the pictures of the parents & grandparents replaced!

Jewels said...

That's all I've got. I guess I can take them out.

Marianna said...

Thanks Julia - your pictures are awesome! You definitely captured some moments.

Jewels said...

Thanks Mar - it was a fun evening!

Dine With Donna said...

I love the photo of Trey listening to Tara. That is the most fundamental lesson of a marriage! Did anyone explain that to Trey, listen to your bride ... forever! What a handsome couple!

Jodi said...

Looks like a happy family at a wonderful event. Great pictures, Julia. Did someone take one of you and your sisters together? How about a picture of the Mother of the Groom? Tara and Trey are a handsome couple indeed.

Jewels said...

Donna, Very true.

Jodi- I had put some up of the parents & grandparents, but they weren't very good, so I took them down. We took a sister pic which I'll probably be posting later.