Friday, March 28, 2008

Flash Back Friday 63

maria bridget broken arm
Little girls and kitties and stickers and . . . broken arms. What's not to smile about?
August 2000

This morning, I picked up Bridget from school because she wasn't feeling well. She told me she managed to get the highest score on a practice quiz on the bones in science that morning to her surprise. I told her it was because of our broken bones and she agreed. She decided after studying the bones, it didn't sound bad to be a nurse anymore. I have been telling her she should think about it since it suits her kind and caring personality.


Dine With Donna said...

Some of the best nurses that I worked with at Mercy Hospital in Willard were from the Celeryville stock. Rhonda Buurma Bailey comes first to mind. She quietly completed her tasks with such compassion. Tell Bridget she is of that great Celeryville lineage.

acey said...

very cute and pretty girls.

Jewels said...

Thanks Donna - she won't forget that, I'm sure :)

Thank you Acey!

Anooja said...

nice pic jewels..all of it looks cute.. the little ladies, the kitten, her bandage, their smiles, everything :)