Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Life

This past Friday afternoon, it started snowing profusely. We headed downtown to our Good Friday service in near whiteout conditions. A friend of mine at church said it reminded her that we have been washed whiter than snow - you gotta love that in a girl! She was trying to make the best of the situation.

Though we are just a month shy of having 3 teenagers in the house, we still had these:

Easter eggs on snow

Last night, I was going to bed just after eleven and John was headed out the door. He said he was going to get some dye so he & Maria could make Easter eggs. And around midnight, when Edward & Bridget came home, they joined in too. The best part is we get to have egg salad for supper.


Sarah Bray said...

This may seem silly, but we had the hardest time getting our eggs to dry in the carton. This is the first year we've dyed eggs, so I guess I'm a little rusty. :) We just kept flipping them around until they were done. I bet theirs a better way, though!

Sarah Bray said...

I meant "there's"...I hate how irritated I get when I make typos. LOL

acey said...

hi, julia!!! =D

happy easter!

those are cute eggs.

Anooja said...

Dear Julia and Family...
happy Easter and God Bless You all :)

Jewels said...

Sarah- I know the feeling about the typos. I don't know about the eggs though since that is John's area of expertise :)

Acey & Anooja- Happy Easter to you too from the other side of the world. You were there first!